How a Retail Franchise Provider is managing Sales, Pricing and Inventory across different franchise outlets?

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A Retail Franchise Provider



How a Mahendargarh, Haryana based Retail (primarily in-house produced wheat) is managing the franchises provided by him ensuring price centralization?

About the Client

Company is a manufacturer of the best range of wheat flour and other products with effective & timely delivery. 

Further they distribute their brand franchise to the retailers.

Company has its main warehouse in Haryana, dealing pan India to distribute the grocery goods from parent company.


  • During our  initial interaction with the owner of the company, he described about his business model  and request for the inventory management tool for the multiple branches (franchises) being distributed by him.
  • As the company operates on franchise model, their requirement was to manage parent company along with all of the branches from single platform, from where they can transfer material to different branches from different  cities as well as they can set the sale price for the retail outlets.
  • Further, he wished to have request system from  where other branches can raise request for the stock and he would be able to view the daily sales and inventory of the outlets.
  • Before the company could implement any cloud based solution to manage routine transactions , they were using Microsoft excel to maintain the routine consumables inventory across their different sites.
  • Excel did not provide real time preview of the inventory lying across different sites and the sales made across different outlets. 
  • With manual data entry his team always come across  the error to tally the purchased inventory and sold inventory to other branches as well as the stock lying in the warehouse.
  • Transferring  material to other sites was also a challenge for the owner.
  •  Further to it, owner also required a feature which can restrict outlets to add new materials and edit the selling price as per their wish.


The following feature of Zen scale's material management helped company to overcome the aforementioned challenges:

  •  Parent company could create all the masters, such as material master, price master, vendor creation etc. Admin (owner) could have a full control over the software and create multiple users for the warehouse and other franchisees.
  •  Allow admin to set the selling price and restrict other users to do any kind of edition.
  •  Child company can raise the request to the parent company for the inventory and parent company can either transfer the material or sale the material to the branch with the help of branch management feature.
  •  For instance, if a user from parent company sale material or transfer material to the other outlet, other branch could not receive material until that branch click on the receive material feature in branch management.Once,  branch user receive the material from the branch management feature at the same time  inventory will reflect in branch’s account and same inventory will deduct from parent  company’s account.
  •  Material management’s features, such as purchase management, sale management, consumption, and branch management helped organisation to have real time tracking of inventory.
  •  Analytical reports for the owner where admin can have a brief preview of warehouse/ franchise stock and daily sales.
  •  Conveniently generate bills through POS (point of sale) feature  and share them on Whats App. Managed the retail store’s  sales digitally right from  Zenscale.
  •  Clear customer queues quickly.

Features offered

To achieve the desired results, following applications were offered to the team:

  • Material creation
  • Vendor & customer creation
  • Multi user creation
  • Branch management
  • Multiple storage location for the inventory
  • POS (Point of sale)
  • Inventory Reports
  • Consumption


  • The POS system helped franchise to generate bill more efficiently and clear the customer queue quickly.
  • It started giving the exact figure of the stock and sales everyday which make owner’s life easy.
  •  Analytical reports  gave them a great hand to audit team to calculate the inventory. The branch management feature which allow company to transfer material among the franchisees with the more efficient manner and reduce the errors while making invoices.
  • Moreover, purchase management part solved the issues of purchase flow and history of purchased items.
  • Admin could fix the retail price, MRP, and also set the vendor wise pricing.
  • To simplify, now in the parent company any user can create the purchase order and system would not allow him to change the vendor wise pricing for particular materials.
  • Later, they can post the invoice against such purchase order. In the case of branch selling price, once admin set the selling price or MRP of the goods retailer is not allowed to change the prices.


With the implementation of Zenscale cloud based solution client achieved:

  • Real time based inventory report of all franchises
  • Maintain the branches from a centralized place.
  • Centralization of pricing and material master.
  • Tracking of materials transferred.
  • JIT inventory
  • Restrict the franchises to manipulate the price.
  • Easy access to other branches customer data.
  • Easy access to other branches inventory report.



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