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What is send to store?

Send to store refers to the process of transferring goods from a parent company to a child company, or from one branch to another branch within a company. This facilitates the availability of goods when needed and helps to optimize processes to make use of existing resources rather than buying new ones


Send to Store transaction keep a track of the movement of resources or items from one branch or company to another. Through Real time reporting provides complete details movement of goods in branch or company.

Use cases

Suppose that there is a company Shri sai Pvt. Ltd. with one branch location in different city.They produced shirts and sent to their location branch for sale. In other words parent company produced items and child company performing sale activities.

This feature helps them to send items to their branch location.Thus, Branch Transfer enables to keep an efficient eye on this process by keeping track of all sent and received products and make hassle free entire process for them. It is very easy to examine entire process with updated dashboard and real time reports.

Steps to be performed for send to store

1. Go to Branch Management under Material Management.

2. Screen will appear like this.

3. Click on settings and tick these settings for store transfer.

4. Now, click on transaction.

5. Click on Branch Location.

6. Click on Set series range to specify document series.

7. Following screen will open.

8.Select Group > Select Document > Enter Description > Series as shown below.

9. Click on save and continue.

10. Now, again click on branch transfer.

11. Following screen will open.

12.Enter relevant details like Document, Receive date and Remarks.

13. Select material for transfer.

14. Select Transfer date and then click on Transfer sign to transfer this material.

15. Enter quantity and click on save transfer.

16. Enter Remarks as required > Click on save and continue.

17. As you can see document saved successfully.

18. Click on delete option to delete created documents.

19. Click on print.

20. select date and click on search button.

21. Now click on Print icon.

22. Here is print user can download it and send as they required.

After sent to store, next procedure is to receive from store.

Click here to Navigate receive from store.

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