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What is Document series?

Document series is a group of similar records that are arranged according to a filing system and that are related as the result of creating a document in system.


Document series is a particular order system that are arranged in systematically sequence, it help for easily counting in a system and help for maintain data in particular order. In system document series are used in creation of the transactions like Sales, Purchase, Consumption, Gate pass, Stock transfer etc.

Case study

Supposed that there is a company Shri sai pvt ltd. Before implementation of document series the company facing problem in entering manual document number that can led to human errors and they have to create the same document over and again after any correction.

In Zenscale the user can Pre-define the document series for each transaction due to which the system automatically pickup the next count in series for new document creation. In case there is any change required in the document the same document can be changed using editing feature.

Steps to be performed

Here,we are taking an example of Sales document series.

Click on website

1.The page will open

2. Click on Sale module.

3. Click on document series master.

4. After Clicking on document series the page will open,

5. After clicking on document series ,select the group of sale.

6. After selecting the group of sale select the document.

7. Select the document type for sale i.e. Standard sale (Can create the document types as per user requirement)

8. Enter description for Sale series.

10. Then enter the invoice number from which you want to start the Sale invoicing.

11. Click on series interval which is shown as in page:

12. Set series interval according to the number of invoices generated in you company in a Financial year, then click on save.

13. After click on save it will show interval range saved successfully,

14. After set up the series , click on save and continue and then record saved successfully which is given as below.

It will also show all the series which the user have saved in the table on the right.

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