GL Clearance

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What is GL Clearance?

GL Clearance refers to clear ledger payables with Ledger payments.


Normally there are several ledger accounts used i.e. Salary Payable, TDS Payable & Rent Payable. Accountants make different ledger accounts to maintain salary accounts. And by clearing payables with payments user can easily track which payable salaries or tds are pending to pay.

Use Case

Suppose there is a firm “XYZ Ltd”. They have to make lots of payment at end of the month for salary, tds etc.

With this option they can stand payables and after making payment then can clear payable & receivable with payment & receipts and can track easily which are still pending.

Steps to be performed for GL Clearance.

1.Go to Cash & Bank.

1.1.Click on GL Clearance

2-i)Select payable or receivable account ii)Select equal debit and credit document iii)Balance should be zero iv)Click on Save & Continue button. Document here can be cleared fully. There is no option to clear document partially.

2.1.Document is cleared

3.Ledger-> User can see here the clearing number for cleared documents.

4.If user wrongly cleared documents then user can revert that. Click on Revert button marked in below screen shot.

4.1. Select Clearance number and click on revert.

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