How Recruitment Consultants can keep themselves in Track with their client's Requirements

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A Recruitment Consultancy


Jabalpur, Madhya Pradesh

Subject of the Case

How the owner of a Jabalpur based Recruitment Consultancy is able to keep in-line with the requirements posted by their clients and further distribute the leads among Key account managers for better visibility on a single platform?

About the company

Client operates as a PAN India Consulting Company and dealing in Human Resource Solutions and currently associated with around 100+ companies all over India with expertise in all major verticals.

Client has a reach and ability to render services across India with best of the available talent pool.

Client provides specialized services for the following:

  • Recruitment Solutions.
  • Salary (Payroll) Process Outsourcing.
  • Contract Staffing Services


During our first interaction with the Director of the company, we analysed the following challenges:

  • Their team was unable to have a proper record of their clients.
  • With the use of excel, it was not possible to keep a track of the manpower requirements posted by their clients.
  • Checking the current status of a lead was not possible on a real time basis.
  • It was difficult to track the performance in terms of leads converted by Key account managers.
  • Without automated reminders their team sometimes misses to take followup for a candidate from the client.
  • Tasks allotted to Business Development team to find new Clients were not traceable on a single platform.
  • Their was no real time Dashboard where the owner of the company could check overall status of the leads, hence making the overall process inefficient.
  • Their was no system to have a track of weekly and monthly reports from the different key account managers.

Due to all of the above reasons, the need emerged for a powerful tool which can be given to all of the users and the overall progress of the Client’s activities could be checked on a real-time basis on a single dashboard by the owner.


Taking into consideration the aforementioned challenges, the Zenscale’s Team decided to came up with the following approach:

Offering a tool which could:

  • Have a record of the total clients in hand.
  • Keep a record all the open requirements posted by clients on a single platform
  • Allot each and every lead from a client to assigned Key category manager
  • Keep a track of activities to be performed by the Business Development team.
  • Present the current summarized status of each lead on a single platform.
  • Generate reminders as and when required to follow up on a particular lead.
  • Give an option to have a chat upon a particular lead between the team members.
  • Give an option to attach the resumes of candidates against a particular lead to have everything at a place.
  • Show the performance of each and every Key account manager on a Dashboard.
  • Assign the recurring task automatically as per the interval set.
  • Closure user can check and close the lead submitted by Key account manager.
Features offered

To achieve the desired results, following features of ZenTask were offered to the team:

  • Real-time Dashboard
  • Android app
  • Analytical reports
  • Task creator
  • Two level assignment
  • Setting committed dates to perform within timelines
  • Admin user
  • Documents upload feature
  • Recurring task
  • Closure user
  • Performance charts
  • User wise Calendar
  • Reminders and snooze
  • Tags and conversation
  • Summarized status on dashboard

Following results were achieved post the implementation of above mentioned features:

  • The owners of the Consultancy was finally able to get rid of the excel and spreadsheets.
  • He was able to keep a track of all the requirements and their timely deliveries, hence ensuring 100% satisfaction of the clients.
  • He got freedom to assign a recurring task manually again and again.
  • With the help of Closure user he could cross check the authenticity of each and every lead closed.
  • Mobile app further enhanced the productivity even while working remotely.
  • With the help of reminders, no follow up gets missed.
  • Having performance charts on Dashboard further helped him incentify his payroll.
  • Having the status of each and every lead on a single dashboard helped him further having one-on-one meeting with his key account managers.
  • Having the status of all the activities of his Business development team further helped him in improving efficiency and achieving more.
  • Overall digitization.
  • Improved employee satisfaction.
  • Better Work culture.

With the implementation of the Zenscale cloud based solution client achieved:

  • An exponential increase in the satisfaction of his clients and team.
  • Better visibility of entire organisation processes on a single platform.
  • Ease of the working with the help of real-time cloud based tool.
  • Improved results and revenue.

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