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What is Receive From Rework ?

Receive from rework means the receiving the product that sending to manufacturing company for process of working again on faulty product or goods to making again faulty product for reuses to customer and then that product receive from manufacturing company.


This Feature in ERP system play important role to receive product that are rejected and then send for rework and then process again on that faulty goods,. Receive from Rework during production depends on the client's decision. Like some companies want a separate process order to process this rejected quantity and some clients want to use the same process order, some even want to identify this rejected by assigning a new orders.This feature helpful for tracking the product that are send for rework and then receive from manufacturing company.

Use Cases

Suppose that there is company of Shri Sai Pvt.Ltd. who has manufacture 50 finished product on the basis of customer order who have to deliver them to a customer. But 5 out of 50 are found to be faulty i.e. defecting pieces and are sent back to the manufacturing department for reworking purposes and those product company have to receive from manufacturing company.

The Zenscale ERP system implemented the feature receive from rework and they get help to track all receiving product from manufacturing company that are send for rework. The process depend upon client decision.The company get help to track in easy way from all receiving product.

Steps to be performed

Click on Website

1. The page will open,

2. Click on Rework Folder.

3. The page will open,

4. By subscribing the app of rework click on rework.

5. The page will open on the setting for rework,

6. Click on Receive from Rework. Fill all the highlight mandatory.

7. Select Job order.

8. Select activity, date and enter rework quantity that we have to receive.

9. Then click on save and continue.

10. It will show that job quantity confirmed,

11. If we want to delete the confirmation regarding rework .There is option of delete in select that option.

12. After clicking on delete the page will show, then click delete icon which is highlight in below page.

13. If we want to take print of deleted job order click on print icon.

14. The print will show,

15. If we import through excel then click on Import CSV.

16. To see Report Click on Report.

17. Then the page will show, fill the date and then click on search.

18. The report will show,

19. For print click on print.

20. It will show page, fill up all the data according to selected job order, activity then click on search.

21. The page will show, select the job order for print then again clickon print.

22. The confirmation Slip will show,

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