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What is Consumption Return?

Consumption Return is a process in which the issued material is returned back to the store .Consumption means physical materials from stock or directly from vendor is consumed against a transaction for production of finished material directly or indirectly.


Consumption return analysis attempts to determine who consumes the resources and then it return, the purpose for which they are being consumed for the return consumption, and the costs associated with the resources.

Use cases

Supposed that there is a company Shri sai pvt ltd. the company use raw material, in progress material and trading material. so,the above material are utilized in their certain quantities or in their particular unit to produce one new material for e.g. the material may be of finished material.

The Consumption return feature thus keeps a track of all these materials and their amounts in the inventory so that an optimum input amount can be maintained. The production or the other departments can return the issued material back to the store to maintain the proper stock.

Steps to be performed:

Click on link

1. The page will open

2. Go to the module consumption.

3.The page will open

4. After selecting the consumption return, the below form will open.

5. Select the consumption document, against which you want to post consumption return.

6. Fill all the mandatory fields and select the material that you want to take as inward and then click on add.

7. Selected material will be added in the form ,then click on save and continue

8. Document Saved successfully.

9. Click on report icon,to check the report.

10.Fill all the search criteria.

11. Then click on search.

12. You can verify/Download the saved documents in excel as well.

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