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What is Barcode ?

Barcode are applied to products as a means of quick identification. They are used in retail stores as part of the purchase process or bar code is a method of representing data in a visual, machine-readable form. Initially, barcode represented data by varying the widths and spacing of parallel lines.


This feature of zenscale system helps to generate a dedicated barcode for each material that is manufactured in company. Barcode  scanning can control inventory. When the barcode of a particular item is scanned, it can be added or subtracted from inventory counts.

This information is also saved in the database and can be retrieved later accordingly. This feature is very important for doing business much more efficiently for companies. Barcode provide a method to track and store information about goods.

Use case

Suppose that there is a Shri Sai Ltd. that manufactures cloth of different sizes and types.The company has that time very small firm and the growing capacity of that company is also regular manner.

But after enrolling with zenscale ERP ,they implemented the barcode system thus helps them maintain a unique identity of each product and associate related information with each manufactured product and the effect of barcode direct on their business' profitability and capacity to grow. Barcoding improves the accuracy of inventory records and also be used to ensure traceability from raw materials to each batch of finished product.

Steps to be performed

Click on website

1. Go to Zenscale home page and then click on dotted highlighted icon as shown below.

2. Next, click on Barcode Builder.

3. Screen will appear like this.

4. Select paper type as required.

5. First, we create barcode with Standard A4 format. Select option as shown below.

6. According, select sticker style as needed. For example here we select 3X2. User can select as they needed.

7. Select sticker settings as required.

8. In sticker settings user can put height and width.

9. Select sub module as required.

10. Next click on static variables here you can add variable masters manually as you needed on barcode.

11. Next. Click on Dynamic Variables, here all the option are available you can select and also change height, width & rotate as you want to display on barcode.

12. Click on update and then drag on the sticker chart as shown below.

13. Next click on save and save layout as per your selected options.

14. Then click on Print.

15. For custom paper setting. Select option.

16. Choose Barcode option as needed.

17. Here select Variables and drag on Sticker page.

18. save layout.

19. Next, click on Print.

20. Here system will show layouts as you saved.

21. By clicking on layout following screen will open. Here, Select Material, Enter Quantity and then click on Get Barcodes.

22. Barcode is ready to print.

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