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What is Bank Payment?

Bank Payment is a payment made via bank to vendors against the Invoice sent by them for giving us goods or services.


If somebody has given us his/her services or goods and generated an invoice on our name then we make payment of invoice amount to them via bank. That is called bank payment.

Use Case

Suppose there is firm “XYZ Ltd”. This a manufacturing firm and they receives lots of material on credit. At the end of the month they have to make lots of payments including employees salary. As per government rules they have to make all payments via bank.

With this option, they can record all payments in banking form. And at the end they can match the transactions.

Steps to be performed to create Bank Payment

1.Go to Cash & Bank

2.Click on Bank Payment

3.Enter Posting date and select bank account. User can change currency and exchange rate as required.

3.1.User can select Vendor,Customer or general ledger for payment. Enter amount narration and remarks and click on save.

3.2.After click on save, it will open simulation. Click on save button again to save the document.

3.3.After saving document, if user want to get print of document then user can click on “Yes Print it”.


5.Edit-> Click on edit and select document number from dropdown.

5.1: Make changes as per requirement and save document.

6. User can save bulk entries with the help of CSV. Go in Bank Payment and click on Import option (marked in below screen shot). The pop up will open and user can download the sample file.

6.1.IN CSV: User will start entering data from 3rd row because 2nd row is reserved for sample data and that will not be saved in system as transaction.

i)Enter serial number 1 for 1 entry. Like there are 3 ledgers will be used for 1 entry then serial number will be same for all ledgers. Serial number will become 2 only with start of second entry. ii) Under document type user can enter document code of all document. PY is the code of Bank Payment iii) Enter Posting date & document date iv) Enter currency code v) Enter Posting Key vi) Enter Type of Account i.e. Customer, Vendor or GL in form of V/C/GL vii) Account id viii) Enter Amount.

6.2.Upload this csv and save the document.

7.Entry posted in Bank Payment will appear in Vendor & Customer Ledger, Ledger and Bank Reconciliation. Please see related help docs for detailed information.

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