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What is job order hierarchical view?

Hierarchical view represent a stochastic, multi-level decision process in which decisions at higher levels are often based on aggregate information.The approach described hierarchical view of job orders to control and scheduling stock, directly create PO as required.


This hierarchical view presents a hierarchical approach to plan and schedule production in a framework. Hierarchical view contains a lot of information such as component quantity. with the analysis of this report user can examine net required value and directly create PO from this view.

Use cases

Suppose that there is a company XYZ Pvt. Ltd. that manufactures shirts according to the demands and information provided by the dealers. Since there are a lot of processes involved in the manufacturing process such as sewing, cutting and ironing etc. Hierarchical view allows them to examine all job orders at one place with quantity to be produced.

Through this view they easily can analysis components that they required to purchase for work order and create directly in a click. It ensure a regular and steady flow of production. All machines are put to their optimum use with proper stock. This helps in achieving a continuous production of goods. This also helps to provide a regular supply of goods to consumers.

Steps to be performed for job order hierarchical view

1. Go to production planning.

2. Now, click on job order.

3. Click on job order hierarchy view.

4. Following screen will open.

5, Click on arrow icon as shown below.

6. Tick materials for those want to create PO.

7. Pop up will appear like this.

8. Select vendor name.

9. Enter price as per price > Click on create.

10. Screen will appear like this.

11. Select Document Date > Enter Remarks > Delivery schedule as needed.

12. Document saved and sent for approval (approval turn on if required)

13. For approval click on PO approval.

14. Following screen will open. you can see complete detail such as Item name > Quantity > Price > Net value > Remarks etc as shown below.

15. Click on approval.

16. PO approved successfully.

17. Now, Go to PO smart report.

18. Select Purchase order > Report criteria > Item wise > Click on search.

19. Here you can check PO order created against Job order.

20. Look over complete detail such as Material Name > Material Code > Description as shown below.

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