How a multiple project based Construction company is managing Purchase, Inventory and flow of materials across different projects?

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A Multi project based Construction Company


Across many regions of Uttrakhand, NCR and Uttar Pradesh


How a multiple project based construction company is managing Purchases, Inventory, Material transfers and Consumption across different projects at different locations.

About the company

The Construction Company has more than 40 years of experience in multi construction field. The Company believes in timely completion of the project and high quality conscious having a back up of qualified and skilled manpower. The Company is full geared up to undertake heavy civil engineering works of various natures with financial resources, advanced T&P and experience. The company has successfully completed many projects in Uttrakhand, New Delhi and Uttar Pradesh.


Before the company could implement any Cloud based solution to manage routine transactions , it  was using Microsoft excel to maintain the routine consumables inventory across their different sites located in North India primarily in NCR. The usage of Excel did not give real-time snapshot of Inventory lying across different sites and the consumption made across different projects. The owner always wished to handle all the projects on a single platform. With manual data inputs, their team always came across errors while calculating Purchases and inventory count and value in hand. Further to it, transferring material across inter sites was also a challenge with manual records.


During our first interaction with their team, their General Manager explained the problem of inventory they were facing and also shared his wish list regarding the solution they were looking for. They wanted a solution to manage inventory, real-time consumption across different projects and transferring the inventory from one branch to other branch after the completion of the project which was cumbersome with manual postings. In built features of Zenscale cloud based solution such as purchase order, store receive, purchase invoice, consumption, and branch management helps the organisation to transact on single platform for all the process and generate all the require reports. Also, an admin can have full control of the software and give access to the users according to the branches they are heading and the abilities of the users.

Features offered

To achieve the desired results, following applications were offered to the team:

·         Purchase Order

·         Purchase order approval

·         Store receiving

·         Purchase Invoice

·         Consumption- Branch wise and department wise

·         Access authorization for users across branches


The flow of Zenscale’s features has helped the builder to get back on track. The steps of purchase management that includes Purchase Order, Store receiving and Purchase invoice powered their team to procure the inventory more efficiently. The stock report gives the perfect view of the inventory such as storage location wise inventory, batch wise report, transaction summary and detail (where user can get exact idea about the price history, vendor history, consumption detail). Moreover, access authorization feature helps their users to set their own report layout.  

The branch management feature enabled the centralization of all the materials and the transnational from the parent company which in turn reduce the efforts to begin the work in new site or project.


With the implementation of the Zenscale cloud based solution client achieved:

  • Better control on inventory
  • Easily accessible reports
  • Centralization of all the branches
  • Overall Process efficiency
  • Complete real-time tracking

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