Cost Center

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What is Cost Center ?

The Cost Center App is used to keep track of the cost centers of the company or the facilities that require investment but do not directly add to the company’s profit.

Overview :-

Cost Center is a feature that is given by Zenscale for calculating the cost based on the department. It can provide real-time data on cost. HR shows the proper data of cost to administration and manage it accordingly.

Use Case :-

Assume a company name with Abhishek Private Limited. This company provides its employees with a gym and a gaming room on the office premises. While both the facilities are cost centers that do not add to the company’s profit, the management considers it a wise investment for better employee experience. However, to keep a tab of the money spent on such cost centers, the HR uses the Cost Center App to keep such expenses under control.

Steps to be performed :- Following below steps to create Cost center :-

1.Click on enrollment.

2. Enrollment > Cost Center

3. Input Cost Center Code.

4. Input Cost Center Description.

5. Click on Save & Continue.

* User can create "n" number of Cost Centers with the above process

6. User can view the created cost centers with the click of report icon.

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